Louisiana-Styled Interior Design


Lisa McDaniel

For me, life revolves around family, and our home is the place we spend most of our quality time together. In the big picture, it's about building a meaningful life with the everyday little moments--the hugs, the meals, the laughs, the occasional tears.  These are the truly important things that bless our family and our home. These are the precious little moments I hold in my heart.

Our Inspiration

My inspiration for Antiquity springs from a deep-rooted love affair with New Orleans. As a young girl, I grew to appreciate the city's rich, sometimes colorful, history. I always felt as if the city had plenty of juicy secrets it just couldn't wait to whisper in my ear.  

As a woman, wife, mother, and designer the city speaks even louder to me now.  The seamless blend of European architecture, the culture, and the shameless pursuit of bygone glamour all call my name. And if you look closely, you'll see that our little design studio is a modern interpretation of a classic style--New Orleans Style.

Our Store

We have an entire online and physical store front full of everything you could need to decorate your home. With literally thousands of customizable pieces including drapes, furniture, rugs, picture frames, and much more, Lisa can work with you to design the space you have always dreamed of. Nothing is out of reach here.

Our Process

One of the most important parts of the design process is helping you visualize the space and how it WILL look when done. Luckily, we have that taken care of. Through the use of 3d models, colored sketches, and mood boards, you will have the ability to see the space how Lisa does-- full of potential. 

Our Work

Louisiana-Styled Interior Design